The Baierdrehteile


In addition to development and actual production, we can also realise all additional and finishing work for you, including:

Finishing work

  • Milling, drilling, punching/stamping, thread rolling, broaching, honing, bending, inscribing
  • Barrel finishing, polishing, deburring, washing, internal and external grinding

Heat treatment

  • Case hardening, annealing, inductive hardening, nitriding (vacuum, plasma, salt bath)
  • Carbonitriding, Tenifer, tempering, hardening and drawing, straightening

Surface refinement

  • Galvanizing (blue, yellow, olive, black), thick film passivation (Cr(VI)-free)
  • Zinc/nickel, zinc/iron, zinc/lamellae, Delta Seal/Tone and many more
  • Tinning, copper plating, old copper, hard chrome plating, nickel plating
  • Anodising, phosphating, burnishing, pickling, silvering, gilding

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